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Baked Goods: Unveiling the Beauty Trend – Makeup Straight from the Oven


A trend is gaining heat in the makeup world – “baked goods” makeup! This technique involves the application of beauty products that have been ‘baked’ or set under low heat to intensify pigmentation and create a flawless, long-lasting finish. Let’s explore this innovative beauty method and its rising popularity among makeup enthusiasts.

What is ‘Baked Goods’ Makeup?

‘Baked’ makeup refers to a process where beauty products, often powders like blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, are subjected to a low-heat process for an extended time. This process allows the product’s ingredients to set and fuse, intensifying pigmentation and creating a velvety-smooth texture.

The Baking Technique


After applying foundation and concealer, the baking technique involves using a damp makeup sponge or brush to apply a generous amount of loose translucent powder under the eyes, along the T-zone, and on the jawline.

Setting Time

Leave the powder on the skin for several minutes, allowing it to ‘bake’ or set into the skin while absorbing excess oils and setting the base makeup.


Gently dust off the excess powder using a fluffy brush to reveal a creaseless, matte finish. The result is a flawless complexion with brightened, highlighted areas.

baked goods makeup

Products and Benefits

Baked Highlighters: These deliver a radiant, lit-from-within glow due to the intensified pigmentation and shimmer when applied to the high points of the face.

Baked Blushes and Bronzers: Offering rich pigmentation, these powders blend seamlessly for a natural flush of color or sun-kissed warmth.

Why It’s Trending


Baked goods makeup lasts longer on the skin, resisting fading throughout the day due to its intense pigment concentration.

Photogenic Finish

The technique creates a smooth, poreless look ideal for photography, making it a favorite among influencers and beauty enthusiasts.

Tips for Trying ‘Baked Goods’ Makeup

  • Use a damp makeup sponge to apply and prevent excess powder buildup precisely.
  • Experiment with shades and textures to find what works best for your skin tone and desired look.
  • Prioritize proper skincare to ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application.

‘Baked goods’ makeup has emerged as an exciting trend, offering beauty lovers an innovative way to achieve a flawless, long-lasting complexion. With intensified pigmentation and a creaseless finish, this technique has garnered attention for its photogenic results and longevity. Whether you’re seeking a radiant glow or a sculpted look, ‘baked goods’ makeup might be the secret ingredient for a flawless finish in your beauty routine.

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